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SysAdmin Ink Aviation

- Aéreo

We are looking for a System Administrator to keep our mission-critical systems available and performant. You will join our
team involved in extending, monitoring and most importantly automating all aspects of our infrastructure - scaling,
auto-healing and failover.
You will use ingenuity and imagination to solve unique problems. Our Full Stack Developers depend on our Ink Cloud
platform being stable and available to handle thousands of flights.
You will be corresponding with customers over the phone and on our Support Centre on infrastructure-related Tickets. You
will need to be analytical to find root causes and update anxious customers with reassuring communication. Visual and
scripted tools that you create will help diagnose issues without reverting to a command prompt.
The ideal candidate will take ownership of (not blame for) problems, regardless of the cause.
A calm demeanour will help, as will the ability to function under pressure. Issues affecting system availability must be
resolved in minutes - it is exhilarating but important work. Incidents ultimately affect passengers in airports and could
impact the punctual departure of flights. It is a different league from maintaining the average website.
? Spearhead ISO 27001:2013 and PCI certifications
? Research and provide advice on new technologies and best practices in order to continually make us better.
? Harden all of our systems against external and threats. Defeat Penetration Tests.
? Scan our systems for vulnerabilities and eliminate attack vectors
? Write and enforce internal procedures to ensure that we safeguard our company's and our customers' data
? Maintain our network infrastructure, include Cisco routers
? Create and troubleshoot Cisco IPSec VPNs and maintain ACLs
? Administer Cisco ASA Security Appliances
? Create and administer Instances in Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine
? Work with the development team to get more bang for the buck out of our infrastructure investment
? Tune our systems with visual benchmarking tools and analysis of key components of our stack
? Achieve 100% uptime through design, elimination of SPoF and performance bottlenecks.
? Conceptualise potential failures before they happen and avoid them - don't wait for a failure
? Coordinate the application of patches and software updates across our systems
? Coordinate with other remote System Administrators to function as an autonomous team
? Communicate technical

Administrador (a)
SysAdmin Ink Aviation (Ingeniería)
1 Vacantes

Manizales (Departamento Caldas)
Pereira (Departamento Risaralda)


Experiencia Laboral Al menos 2 años
Estudios mínimos Nivel Profesional
Carreras 1. Ingeniería de Sistemas
Requisitos mínimos REQUIREMENTS
? Demonstrable experience and expertise in administering an Open Source stack - Microsoft experience is irrelevant
to this post and will not be considered.
? Mastery of Linux - Ubuntu (preferred) or Debian Linux
? Experience of managing Clusters. It instills a mindset that always considers elastic scalability
? Expertise in administering Nginx (preferred) and Apache
? Expertise in diagnosing networking problems, analysing TCP/IP and ICMP packets and tracing traffic
? Experience in administering Amazon EC2 and/or Google Compute Engine. AWS Certification is an advantage.
? Experience of Redis or similar caching layer
? Expertise in MySQL configuration and tuning, with particular experience in replication and clusters
? Some knowledge of Zabbix, Nagios, Pingdom or similar monitoring solution
? A thorough understanding of building and troubleshooting VPNs
? Program utility shell scripts using bash scripting
? Thorough knowledge of network protocols
? Deep knowledge of static traffic routing
? Mastery of PKI, OpenSSH, SSH Tunneling and HTTPS configuration
? Experience of managing and configuring firewalls, load balancers (HAProxy), routers, switches.
? Fluency in English, including a high level of grammatical correctness
? Ability to author technical documentation and produce technical diagrams for retrospective documentation and to
support the Sales and Solution Design processes
? Puppet or similar configuration manager/orchestrator
? Experience of managing a system with high Web traffic
? Several years of MVC PHP development with popular front-end and back-end frameworks.


Tipo de contrato Termino fijo
Jornada Laboral Tiempo completo Por definir
Salario Entre 3.001 US$ - 4.000 US$ ($) US Dólar
Fecha Publicación 09 jul 2018
Fecha finalización 07 sep 2018

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